IAG Engine Center's (IAGEC) full-time staff consisting of OEM and U.S. Military trained technicians having extensive backgrounds with major airlines, MRO and government agencies. A vital member of several professional and industry orientated organizations.

Shop Services provide Overhaul, Quick Turn and "Hospital" Repair while allowing for direct control of workscope, limiting fallout from exposure; thus providing customer with a direct cost savings and minimal turn-around time.

Two-Fold Maintenance Approach...to meet customer's needs Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) — Our Cost and Workscope Development tools uses RCM fundamentals and cost models to provide our customers with potential workscopes for their engines that will result reducing possible life cycle operating cost per hour. Use of maintenance history, statistical reliability prediction data, and known failure rates will help determine a specialized maintenance strategy for future engine repairs and overhauls.


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On-Condition Maintenance — The philosophy of "repair rather than replace" or "limited workscope" is another approach utilized to shorten turn-around times, while helping optimize engine performance and minimize overall operating cost. All Tooling & Equipment used are OEM/OEM Approved for all required maintenance. IAGEC has multiple standing agreements with Pratt & Whitney, GE, IAE and CFMI for additional tooling, if required.

AOG/Field Service provides solutions for Operators to avoid unscheduled removal of the Powerplant at an affordable low competitive cost and prompt turn-around-time of the service product. Offering:

  • Rapid Worldwide 24/7 Availability and Response
  • Outstanding Quality
  • Proven Excellence
  • FAA Certified Technicians
  • Power-By-Hour Programs

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